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Eric Philips is a polar adventurer who enjoys lightweight and self-supported crossings of the world's icecaps. He has skied across Canada's Ellesmere Island and completed a wind-assisted traverse of Greenland in 1995.

In 1998-9, Eric skied via a new route across Antarctica to the South Pole. Eric was Director of Outdoor Education at Geelong Grammar School's, Timbertop, and has also worked at Mawson Station as a field training officer for the Australian Antarctic Division. With Patagonia, he will be the first person to ski the world's four largest icecaps.

Eric lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and daughter where he runs his own company, Icetrek Expeditions.


Wade Fairly has skied across Greenland (with Eric) and Tierra del Fuego and has completed an impressive string of challenging sea-kayak expeditions, including the first sea-kayak expedition in Antarctica,

a 2000 kilometre odyssey down the coast of Chile and Tierra del Fuego and a part circumnavigation of South Georgia.

A renowned adventure cameraman and film-maker, Wade has worked on numerous successful projects, most notably BASEClimb (winner Best film. Banff); The Human Race (winner People's Choice. Banff ); A Glorious way to Die (Best film. Banff ) and with Eric Philips, Chasing The Midnight Sun (Emmy Award for Cinematography).


Gary Kuehn is a professional mountain guide. He works regularly as a field training officer and logistics co-ordinator with the Australian Antarctic Division and has worked extensively as a kayaking and skiing instructor in the United States.

He has a wealth of experience with almost twenty years of mountaineering and skiing expeditions to North and South America, Pakistan, New Zealand and Antarctica.

Gary spends most of his time in the ice, somewhere, but lives in Hobart, Australia where he operates his own company, Arete Training and Solutions.